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Facials - Services

back facial - $65

After a thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation, your skin is lathered and massaged with essential oils containing plant extracts for ultimate hydration. The finale is a moisture sealing mask and moisturizer.

aromatherapy facial - $65

For beautiful vibrant skin we encourage your relaxation and the rejuvenate your skin and you. We begin with deep poor cleansing and exfoliation, then massage your face, neck and shoulders to increase circulation and encourage blood flow. A customized masque is chosen specifically for you and finally a moisturizer and sun protection is applied to ensure your skins health and beauty. Your esthetician will design a skin care regimen that is simple and efficient for you to maintain healthy and vibrant skin. Whether your goal is prevention or restoration, this is a great facial to introduce you to the world of beautiful skin! Read More...

chemical peel - $75

Peels are for those who are serious about their skin. Anyone who wants their skin to look younger and smoother. Those who may have acne, pigmentation, large pores, rosacea, or any other skin condition can be addressed more seriously and specifically with a peel. There are several peels we offer that will be discussed with you and decided upon by you and our Master Esthetician depending upon results desired.

age management facial - $65

This age management treatment is more than just a facial. By incorporating gentle acting alpha hydroxy acids with skin balancing ingredients, your esthetician will mix the relaxation of a facial with the benefits of mildly active ingredients resulting in a more refined, smooth texture. Read More...

signature face lift - $75

It's a mild chemical peel that lifts, tightens, and brightens. It's great for sensitive skin types and evening out roseacea.

acne management facial - $65

Acne is not just a teenage problem and can strike at any age on the face or the back. This clinical facial provides effective remedies for those experiencing the initial symptoms of acne including uneven complexion, blackheads, and excessive oil. Read More...

extractions - $10

Extractions can be added to any peel or facial to clean out the pores.

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